Monday, June 1, 2015

In A Child's Name Movie (true story)

The movie In A Child's Name starring Valerie Bertinelli and Michael Ontkean is based on the murder of Teresa Taylor.

Here is another true story similar to this one


  1. where cn u get the movie? I cant find it.

  2. It's available on Youtube now. Here is the link.

  3. I just watched this film last night after so many years. It’s very sad to hear about this, but for some reason I have an interest in this case now, and I wasn’t even born when this tragedy happened (came 5 years after this happened). Glad you put this blog up. Good to hear that “Baby” Phillip is now grown up and married. Do you think you can provide a new update on the Taylors, Whites and on Phillip and see how everyone is doing as of this current time (2013)?