Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Books about the Homicide of Teresa Taylor

The book by Peter Maas was the first in depth book published on the homicide of Teresa Taylor. It was an expansion of the article that he wrote for New York Magazine about the case. The book is called. It is a rare book that can be difficult to get your hands on. It is considered the best account of what happened in the case. It also goes deeper into Ken and Teresa's relationship. There is also a mention of a witness in Mexico who blew the lid off of the case. These parts were not depicted in the movie In A Child's Name. There was a detective who was instrumental in giving Peter Maas an inside look into the case.

You can order the book here

Here is a book that I knew nothing about. It looks good, and I will have to pick this one up this weekend. The name of it is A Father's Rage. It is an account of the murder of Teresa Taylor, and it discusses the impact that Ken Taylor's temper had on his decision to murder his wife. There are also some notes about the trial. This book was published in 1991. This book is written from the perspective of Ken Taylor. Ken Taylor cooperated with this author for the book.

You can order the book here

I heard that someone else was also writing a book on the case, so that should be an interesting read as well. I will post info on that one as soon as we get it.


  1. Please give us information on the White's and her parents.

    1. I would like that followup too. As far I as I can tell, they're still alive; and I know Ken Taylor's parents are deceased. I would have liked more insights into them (Taylors) and what their influence did to Ken. — Deb O Rah