Tuesday, December 17, 2013

From someone who knew Ken Taylor

From Anonymous,

I am related to Ken through his late sister Nancy. I was in a wedding with him and had Thanksgiving with him around 1970. His family, though less than perfect were not really like the way the movie portrayed them. His brother was a great high school basketball star in Marion, In. He did later become very dependent on dru--- in college. It is weird how someone who seemed so friendly and nice could become the monster he ended up being. The Taylor family certainly was destroyed over his crime.

From Anonymous,
I was a Correctional Officer at a prison that Taylor he was a smart a**hole He acted as if he owned the joint. He tried to escape from that prison. The last I seen of him was when we put him in the van to be moved to a new prison

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  1. Even though I am glad the mother's family ended up getting custody, I believe you that the movie portrayed the Taylor family in an awful way. I am sure it was just as devastating for both sides. I am sorry it destroyed their family and I hope they were/are able to find some peace.