Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is Ken Taylor Still in Prison? Update

 Latest Update on Ken Taylor
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

Ok, so I was determined to find out exactly where Ken Taylor is now. I had previously searched in the Virgina Department of Corrections website, and to my surprise he was not listed. I came across a discussion about the case in which the former detective indicated that perhaps he is not listed in the system due to snitching on some fellow inmates about another issue. (I'll get into that later)

 So my basic goal was to find out if he was deceased, or if he was still floating around in the system. Well, this is going to be a bit of a teaser....he is floating around in the Virginia Department of Corrections. I came across some information that listed an up-to-date city and state for Kenneth Zachary Taylor. So on a hunch, I looked up the prisons in that city, which led me to another facility.

 I called them, and the woman who answered the phone asked me for a date of birth. I told her that the birth year was 1949. She then gave me his entire date of birth of February 7, 1949. She also indicated that he was no longer at that facility. So I called the new facility, and they gave me the run around. I was transferred about 3 times. Eventually, I got a woman who was trying to be a smart--- on the phone, and she ended up giving me his state issued id number. Ha! Then I told her that I could not locate him in the database. This is when she hesitated. I actually heard her hesitate, as if she had suddenly come upon some info that she should not have given out.


So she said to me: "Well, I gave you the wrong info. The Kenneth Taylor that I have was not born in 1949." I told her that I was looking at the screen on the internet, and that the id she just gave me was not showing up, and that I wanted to know why. Finally, I said "Is he under some sort of protection, because another prison has already confirmed that he was there." She then stated that she did not have any info on that person. So, I told her to please transfer me to someone who could tell me...and guess what happened. She hung up the phone. Wow.

I called back, and the woman transferred me to records instead. The records department told me to call another number, which was the only place that could release any info. I called that place, and I talked to another woman who looked at the screen and confirmed the same info. I said "I just called that prison and the told me that he was not there." She said she had no idea why they would say that because the info that she was seeing showed that he had been there since February of 2006. I asked her to explain why he would not be showing up in the system online. So she paused for a minute, and as she was checking another screen she said: "Oh it's because he is an interstate compact inmate, and we are not...." and I finished the sentence for her..."You're not supposed to give out the info." and she paused and said "right." I said, "But, you just did."

She argued back and forth and stated that she never confirmed anything. I said "Yes, you confirmed it all. But, I promise you that I won't give out your name, and I won't say which prison gave me the info, and I guess I won't say exactly where he is so that I won't be responsible for anything happening to him inside. We just wanted to make sure the man was still incarcerated." She read the screen to me, which said that no info was to be given out to the public about this inmate, and that all questions should be directed to the supervisor.

For review,  Ken Taylor is still incarcerated in the Virginia State Department of Corrections. His inmate id is 1103011. It will not show up in the system once you look for it. He is listed as Kenneth Zachary Taylor, and he is in protective custody. Now, they might move him again since they had this major goof. I don't know.

Now, as for Kenneth's parents, they left Indiana and moved to Florida. His parents are both deceased now.  His mother died at age 77 in 2004, and his father died at age 80 in 2007 in a really bad car accident. I'll post the link to the accident later.


  1. Thank you for this blog, I always wondered what happened to key players and Teresa son and that maniac Ken. In the 80's when this movie was made I watched it everytime it came on... I even taped it on VHS, but of course VHS are not the best when someone is watching them over and over again. I wish CBS would get off their hind-quarters and publish this movie on DVD.

  2. yes thanks i thought he was in trenton prison since it was nj i hope he rots

  3. i just looked up for him using both id and name- i can't find it by id and by name it comes out a black man and a white man

    Taylor, Kenneth Dwane

  4. I have his current information Kenneth Taylor. He is serving time in New Jersery state prison... His New Jersey id number 0002387748... And his birthdate is 02/07/1949.....

    1. According to the article and the detective who worked on the case Kenneth hasn't been in the NJ state prison in some time. They moved him to VA some time ago. He tried to break out of 2 prisons in NJ so that could be why he was moved IDK. He's also tried to break out of a prison in VA. Each attempt earns him an extra year in prison before he can see the parole board. It's my hope he never gets out of prison. They don't have to grant him parole. I doubt he's learned a lesson.

  5. according to the info I have he was in New Jersey state but due to 2 escape attempts (you see one in the movie) there he was moved (I'm guessing) he's had another for a total of three (as of 2007). The information I have came from the dectective on the case. If he hadn't escaped his date of eligibility would be 2014-2015 but they add a year for each escape attempt so it will be closer to 2018 or so before he can meet with the parole board. Most people never get out on parole their first time sitting with them. I personally hope he spends the rest of his nasty life in prison.

  6. I thought this might be of interest..

    Im positive its him.. How lovely you can ne his penpal.. Cough sarcasm cough....

  7. Thank you so much for this info. I am a family member of Teresa and we didn't know any of this info. We had no idea if Ken was still in jai. Were happy to know he still is. Thanks again.

    1. God bless you and your family. After watching the movie recently, I Googled him and found him on He says he is due to be released in 2014. He has also posted a picture of himself on there. He sounds like a nut, arrogant and in my opinion needs to stay locked up for the rest of his life. I pray that you and your family can have peace in your hearts and he gets the help he needs before he is released back into society.

    2. Hi Samantha, I truly am sorry about your relative, Teresa have passed away in 1984. It is so hard when losing loved ones! I would love to write Mrs. Celeste White a short note and send a sympathy card. I am very happy that Philip White was placed in a loving and stable home with Celeste and Jeff! My name is Teresa. I am deaf, but I can read lips and speak well. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. I found this on

    I'm 63, from Cincinnati, lived a large part of my in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. I've been incarcerated since I was 35, in 1984. The crime was a homicide which was orchestrated into a jury trial conviction for murder. I'll be released in 2014. I'm a dentist. My crime had nothing to do with my profession.
    I am in good health, full of life and looking forward for my freedom. I’m single, enjoy music, exercise, art (drawing) and outdoor activities.
    I'm looking for a friend, someone to enjoy life with. I'm honest, responsible and trustworthy; a Christian man who wants to live and not just age. To me age is just a number.
    I'm open-minded and, as I stated above full of life, hoping to make a friend to share life's experiences.
    Dr. Kenneth Z. Taylor, DDS

    Kenneth Taylor #1103011
    Waverly, VA 23891 USA

  9. That's awesome homework you had done...... Keep us posted n we don't need him out of jail....

  10. How do you know for a fact that he has gotten an extra year for each escape attempt? What makes you think he hasn't learned anything from the past 28 years? How did you find out they moved him to VA (were you following the case?} You seem to know a lot about the situation.

  11. The inmate you are trying to access (z-1103011) isn't listed on It could be because the inmate has been removed from,

  12. wendy collins ellisApril 14, 2014 at 1:53 AM

    He was actually at wallens ridge state prison in big stone gap va back in 2005-2006 & i was a regular visitor