Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo of Ken Taylor

Thanks so much Misty12 for that research!! Now, we have a recent pic of him. Wow, Ken Taylor is supposed to be in protective custody, and he has all of his info on the internet. Omg, and the title of his ad is "Dr. Kenneth Z. Taylor (I'm a dentist)".


Birth Date:
February 7, 1949
Incarcerated Since: November 18, 1984
Release Date:
November 16, 2014
Convicted Of:
Home Town: Cincinnati, OH
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Protestant
190 lbs
Wants To Write To:
Women Only
S Orientation: Straight

Will Write Overseas: Yes
I am open minded. I am looking for a women to be a friend, preferably 10 - 15 years of my age but not absolutely necessary. I have no ethnic prejudices. I prefer honest, trustworthy people. I'm 6'1", been incarcerated since November 18, 1984. I'm a dentist. The crime was a homicide which was tried and adjudicated as murder. So be it. My crime had nothing to do with my profession, and I am not a s{}offender. I'm lonely. I'd love to have a good woman, friend to ride out my time and get to know. I could be as good for the right woman as she would be for me. I'll be in touch.
Kenneth Taylor #1103011
Sussex I State Prison
1 - B - 35
24414 Musselwhite Dr.
Waverly, VA 23891-1111


  1. Replies
    1. What a loser that's all I have to say about him...

  2. You don't need to get out of prison. Dude if you were innocent then you will never want to prison. I feel real bad for your murdered wife's family and I know they still hurt today just like it happened yesterday I think about your son growing up with no mother or father

  3. I hate what you did in killing your wife and hurting your son so no way will you get a letter or email from me.

  4. I hope you killing your wife will all ways haunt you for as long as your alive. I feel very sorry for your wife's family and that boy that could have still had his mother in his life, if it was not for your selfish act.

  5. Never In Life you u ever hear from should never be released from prison.I feel for Teresa's family...very deeply & everyday I will always pray for them.u should have no contact with anyone especially women.who to say u won't do it again?!I'm glad that little boy was raised by his Aunt & Uncle...GOD BLESS TERESA'S FAMILY....R.I.P TERESA,U WILL BE FOREVER REMEMBERED!

  6. I remember watching this movie years ago. So horrible. It says that he was prejudiced, yet he had the nerve to say in his ad that he has no ethic prejudices. He is scum. He should have been given the death penalty, or life in prison. Its a shame that he will be in the free world one day. Lets hope he does not do this to another woman. He probably will, and be in prison yet again.

  7. Wow too bad you can't comment on his penpal page yuck even! With the nature of his crime and the fact that it appears that he's a sociopath he shouldn't be allowed to rejoin society!

  8. what a loser! he wouldnt be in prison and so lonely if he hadnt bashed his wifes head in and threw her in a ditch

  9. Still no way Jose! I only hope your son never meets you.

  10. Still no way dude! I hope no parole for you! I cannot condemn you but you need to repent and realize what you did was wrong! wrong! wrong!!!!!!!!! in killing your wife.

  11. How in god's name can you look at yourself everyday knowing what you did to your wife Theresa , her family and your son.
    You don't care about anyone but yourself.

    To Theresa's son and her family I am so sorry for your loss.
    And to her family god bless you all...

  12. His sentence is 30 to life. So, there's no guarantee he's out in 2014. That just his first shot at parole. With Teresa's family and their supporters, he's not going anywhere for awhile. — Deb O Rah

  13. How the hell is he even able to get paroled? The way he killed his wife he should have been executed! We dont need anymore crazy people like him running loose in this world.

  14. I pray you never get involved with another woman and if you do may god be with her and protecting her . I also hope you never lay eyes on your son .

  15. I still won't write to him! He needs repentance big time, and to realize what he did. I forgive but keep him in prison.

  16. Never should this monster be allowed to be out of prison!! Look at his & Teresa honeymoon, in Mexico bet he says he still wasn't involved. Still seems to be in total denial of all of this

  17. I do pray that you (Ken Taylor) truly will repent and ask Jesus to come in his life and never commit anymore horrendous sins such as murder!! He does not deserve to get out of prison, no way!! I do feel for Teresa and her families including her son as they have suffer so much through you have killed your 3rd wife, Teresa! I am so happy that your son has been raised by his aunt and uncle! I truly do hope that you are repentant of what you have done and do hope that you will never hurt anyone again!

  18. Uh you're not a dentist anymore. I sure wouldn't set foot in your place of business even if you were.

  19. Out in November. ...hope not

  20. Even though this monster is relation I still don't think he should be allowed back out, your poor son and Teresa's family. I don't think a psychopath can rehabilitate from something like that!

  21. Did you notice his projected release date? It is this November!

  22. I do pray that you (Ken Taylor) truly will be repentant and ask Jesus to come into his life and never commit anymore horrendous sins such as murder and using drugs! He should not be releasing out of prison. I do feel for Teresa and her families including her son and her families as they have suffer so much of grievance and broken heart. I am so happy that your son has been raised by his aunt and uncle! I truly do hope that you are repentant of what you have done to Teresa, her families and other people and you will never hurt anyone again!

  23. Are you kidding me? What woman in her right mind would even think about you!! Only Jesus himself can save you from what you've done. And by the way, just because you hold the degree doesn't mean you are a dentist. I am dentist because I have a license and practice. You are a disgrace to IU Alum everywhere.

  24. And he gets out this year.

  25. He needs to stay in prison or be exacuted! He obviously shows no remorse at all by saying"So be it"! He is arrogant and a loser! And if his second wife would have said something before everything maybe Teresa would still be alive! She is just as much to blame! She must be a retard just like him!
    My heart goes out to Teresa's family, friends, and her son. But he was raised by a great family I am sure.